Food Safety policy

At CakenChill we do our utmost effort to assure our products are safe for consumption, as well as meet or exceed customer requirements and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

 A thorough Food Safety Management is developed for this purpose which shows food safety and customer satisfaction as our primary objectives.

At CakenChill we are using this systematic food safety approach for our continual improvement and to meet our customers increasing expectations

Dark Colors Disclaimer (For dessert orders that involve dark reds, blues, purples, or black colors)


>Dark food coloring on desserts has the potential to stain linens, clothing, furniture, and teeth upon contact.  Cakenchill  cannot be held liable for issues resulting from your choice of dark color(s). Cakenchill will strive to accurately match color choices, however some color tones, especially deep reds, vibrant blues, and violet tones, may not make an exact match due to the natural base colors of cake, frosting and decorating ingredients. Deep colors require a significant amount of food coloring, which may adversely affect the flavor and quality of desserts.

>Outdoor Product Display Disclaimer (For customers who intend to display our desserts outdoors)

Understand that an outdoor environment is less suitable for desserts and may expose the desserts to insects, damage, or debris. Cakenchill cannot be held liable for damage on a dessert that is displayed outdoors since natural outdoor conditions such as heat, wind, humidity, or un-level ground can weaken or ruin the infrastructure and/or decorations on our desserts.

Liability Disclaimer

By making final payment and/or acceptance of the product upon pick up and/or delivery the customer agree to the terms, conditions and disclaimers associated to the customer’s order and release, waived.


Allergens Policy:

CakenChill uses dairy ingredients, Wheat flour, variety of nuts, eggs and eggs product in preparation of our premium products. We advise our customers to refrain themselves from consumption in case they have allergy with any of these ingredients. 

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