Kid smile is Priceless. No Doubt. To prepare the great party full of great memories and joy will take a lot of energy and time but it is really worth is - as your kid will really appreciate it and will remember this special day with special cake and treats. 

Choose your customized cake based on the theme of the party : 

Birthday Cake for Boy

Cakes for kids: Cake for Boys and Cake for Girls. First Advice : ask you Kid what does hi like ? Any movie or cool game ? Half of task is Done. Order special customized cake , following the idea , you can also add themed cupcakes , pops and desserts. Buy balloons and do not forget to get few extra as kids always playing a lot. Check these great ideas, we found few really awesome cake shops will help you save time and be super Mom. 



Minions !!! Oh yes : Minion Cake for Boy or Girl 

Birthday Cake for Boy

The most popular movie characters will bring awesome funny crazy vibe to this party. Even adults will go for it. Bright colors and fresh decors with cakes and cupcakes guarantee the coolest photos in the instagram. 



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