Birthday Party without a Perfect Cake

is just a meeting 

Yes you are right - Cake is super important for every celebration to create great memories and vibes

We are in love with Macaron Design cakes and want to share with you some cake ideas for any special occasion.  

Macarons is new trend in the confection world. These colorful crispy cookies known as macarons our hearts with its beauty and fancy look.


très chic

Birthday Cake

Macarons dainty cookies, made of almond flour and egg whites, that come in a rainbow of pastel colors will become an beautiful addition to any celebration. Sometimes all that we need it the sound of this small macaron crunch inside the mouth, brings positive mood and satisfaction. Why do We love them ?

Easy : petite size , unique taste, great as complimentary to morning coffee or stressed release evening cup of tea with variety of different flavors and Style. Everyone can find something what they like 

Pastel or Mix ? Go for a beautiful combination of different macarons colors, combined with chocolate drips and merengue decor. Perfect for Birthday or Baby Reveal Party. You can choose chocolate or vanilla filling ,and add some delicate notes like fruits or coconut. Light and so trendy these cakes will add festive touch to any celebration

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